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    The Civil Society Fund supports six different types of interventions (€ 1 = DKK 7.5):

    • Citizen Participation Interventions (DKK 25,000 – 400,000) can be applied for by both experienced and less experienced organisations. This type of work revolves around promoting active citizenship, popular participation and volunteering, and it helps underpin a fundamental principle of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, namely that sustainable development calls for all citizens in the world to take an interest, take a stance and take responsibility.

    • Development Interventions (DKK 400,000 – 3.5 million) promote a vigorous civil society with popular foundations, and create lasting improvements in the living conditions of vulnerable population groups. They are implemented in partnerships involving relations with other actors. They contain both elements of capacity building and (potential for) advocacy. The assessment of proposed Development Interventions is adapted to the context, thus taking into account whether the work is to take place in a stable or in a fragile scenario.

    • Co-Financing (DKK 100,000 – 2 million) aims to assist partnerships in widening their financial foundation. It is possible to apply for an advance commitment to co-financing together with another donor or support modality that demands a degree of self-funding (e.g. the EU).

    • Support for application processes to other donors (DKK 20,000 – 50,000) It is also possible to request a financial contribution towards carrying out an application process targeted at another external funding facility likely to approve a grant, say, a Danish or an international foundation.

    • Capacity Assessments (DKK 100,000) are intended for organisations with a turnover in their development cooperation of at least DKK 2 million over two years, and aim to inform the Danish organisation’s strategic and organisational development.

    • Partnership Programmes (up to DKK 3.5 million per year)

    Note: Larger funding options are met by greater demands

    Organisations can apply for larger funding amounts in line with their increasing experience. But as the amounts applied for increase, so does the demands related to the professional quality and sustainability of the projects, the strategic thinking and the professional and organisational capacity. This applies to both the organisation itself as well as its local partner. The demands increase in accordance with the total budget and the planned expenditure per year.

    If interventions are initiated for the first time (e.g. a budget of less than DKK 400.000), demands are more flexible in relation to the intervention's strategies and details.

    Please read the guidelines carefully
    It is adviseable to study the guidelines in detail before applying the Civil Society Fund for grants. A thorough understanding of the different types of projects and demands a Danish CSO and its partner must comply with are often key to a succesful application. 

    Address: CISU - Civil Society in Development, Klosterport 4a, 8000 Århus C, Denmark
    Tel: 045 8612 0342, weekdays 10.00-15.00, Mail us at cisu@cisu.dk

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